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condition: salvage
Wanted Your junk or good pewter items. Can be damaged, smashed, scratched, bent, good,bad, ugly, does not matter. 1 to a 100 lbs. This will all be melted down for a new project. Looking for weight, not beauty. Average payment will be $1.00 up to 2.00 lb. Cash, Sounds crazy, but its a crazy project... LOL I will pay postage to ship, if you follow recommended ways to pack and ship.
Have a link of some hallmarks if you wish, let me know and I will forward to you on the Google Cloud.

Beware of pieces stamped "Mexican Pewter," "Pewterx," "Pewter Finish" Wilton, or stamped RPW and the like are bad. Always look for the genuine pewter form traits... thin bodies, soldered attachments, no casting lines, no screws.

Pewter marked weighted, like candle sticks are OK but they are filled with some kind of weird sand/filler.

Made in India,China are usually Bad.
Lead free Mundo de Pewter sin plombo is bad ,Mexico

Electro Plated Britannia Metal is good or EPBM
Marked Zinn, Tiel, Tin, are all good
A few foreign terms for pewter are:
Zinn (German / Austrian)
Etain (French)
Peltro (Italian)
Tenn (Sweden)

Stamped 95% to 99% Most of times good.
You would be amazed at the things people try/sell as pewter. WILTON is the worst.

CASH always paid Paypal, Venmo upon receipt of tracking number from shipper
If you looking for a trade just ask, I might just have what you want

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